Spooky Cemeteries

A lot of people ask me if I’ve seen any ghosts or had any spooky experiences in cemeteries whilst taking photographs.  I’ve had a couple of odd experiences, but I’m very skeptical.

Spooky Cemetery Experience

I love this cemetery as it’s in my home town of Warrington.

Tree Framed ViewSome time ago while visiting Manchester Road Cemetery in Warrington, I had a very strong feeling that I was being watched.  While scanning the scene of dark headstones, some leaning at precarious angles about to fall, I had a vision that someone was looking back at me. I couldn’t see anything!

The only sounds that broke the deathly silence were the twittering of hidden birds.

Of course I was feeling a bit on edge as I stood there alone, and I do have an over active imagination.  I was creeping myself out, so I carried on walking.  A few months later, I returned and suddenly, the strong feeling of being watched returned, but this time there seemed to be more urgency.  I was on the main path that led up to the little chapel taking photographs of the monuments, when I felt a presence behind me, so I quickly turned around.

Warrington Headstones

I can only describe what seemed to be a shimmer moving past me towards the chapel.  It looked similar to the heat rising from the horizon in the distance, but I felt no fear and I haven’t experienced anything like that since.  Like I said earlier, I have one over active imagination.

St James Cemetery, Liverpool, Merseyside

St James Cemetery Graffiti
It is St James Cemetery in Liverpool, Merseyside, where over fifty thousand Victorian dead have been laid to rest in a sunken churchyard in a former sandstone quarry.  I don’t know what it is about this place, but it has a dark, oppressive atmosphere, which doesn’t scare me. It just makes me feel very uncomfortable!

I suppose it’s the fact that the majority of the headstones have been placed along the path circling the cemetery, so it now looks like a park.

Cemetery Tunnel

Within this cemetery, you will find walled tombs and archways that were once the gateway in and some have been bricked up.  On some of the remaining headstones at one end of the cemetery, you will find Masonic symbols and an empty area that is guarded by a locked gate.

I found this ‘Lost boys’ graffiti that had been painted onto the etched sandstone wall that adds to the eeriness of this place.

Bloody Lost Boys

Cemetery Ghosts

Within Tom Slemen’s book titled, ‘Liverpool Ghost Walk ’, he mentions that the site of St James Cemetery was revered by Wiccans and that it has a dark association with a legendary Lancashire witch named Jenna Green, later known as Ginny Greenteeth, who was cast out of her coven for some unknown reason. Ginny Greenteeth was said to prowl river banks and streams and there is a subterranean stream beneath the cemetery.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve read Tom’s book that I feel uneasy when visiting this cemetery, but I seriously recommend reading this book, because there are numerous tales of ghastly goings on within this cemetery and mention of occult symbols that have been etched into the sandstone walls.

Ghosts Caught on Camera?

rams-head-3-faces Many years ago when I first began to enjoy taking photographs of graves and tombs, I took a snapshot of a tomb in the grounds of St Elphin’s Parish in Warrington.

It stands out a mile to me that there appears to be two male heads looking back at me.  They’re peeking just above the nearest tomb.  Can you see them?

The full image is below.


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