Steven Tyler Dream On

I’m not going to bore you with his date of birth and what he’s done and doing now.  If you want to find that out, go and look him up on Google.

Following the death of Sir Simon Marsden who was an amazing and talented Gothic photographer, I’ve decided that I’m going to write about all those who inspire me somehow or other and Steven Tyler, front man of Aerosmith is featured today.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Around about 1987, I got thrown a 7” single off DJ Chris Evans, before his rise to fame, when he was at the local high school.  It was Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like A Lady and I didn’t think much of the cover.  Anyway, I took it home and played it on my red record player in a box in my bedroom and I was immediately a fan.  I loved it!

Over the years, I’ve purchased numerous CD’s and box sets and Steven Tyler just puts me in a different world of hmmm, how do I put this… sex, sleaze and rock and roll perhaps?

It’s his voice and the way he sings.  It’s exciting and you have so much fun singing along to Aerosmith.  I remember the first time seeing one of their music videos and it was Rag Doll, which was quite an eye opener.  That was my first introduction to how sexy Tyler is.  I’ve said this many a time and people think that I’m crazy, but to me, Tyler is SEX ON LEGS and I’d love to spend some time with him, and no, not for what you’re thinking.

I went to see Aerosmith in Birmingham UK on their Nine Lives tour and it was absolutely fantastic.  I’ve still got the ticket somewhere and have never forgotten it.

Steven Tyler

Some of my favourite songs are : –

  • Seasons of Wither, which I would like played at my funeral.  Jenny who follows me on Twitter informs me that Tyler wrote this track in the 70’s on Halloween.
  • Dream On, first saw this performed on MTV with an orchestra and was blown away
  • Kings and Queens, cool song about living centuries ago and deja vu
  • Young Lust fast and exciting and takes you back to your teenage years, well does for me.
  • F.I.N.E oh I absolutely love the HOT lyrics in this song.  Your so tight that your loving squeaks. Need I say no more!
  • Amazing.  Do you remember those videos with Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler?  Aerosmith gained so many new fans with the release of the album Get a Grip and for a few years running up to this release, all my friends were into rubbish acid house music and I was a rock chick and then they all liked Cryin’ and Amazing.  They were good times.




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