Stoned Religion

One of the biggest compliments that I receive about my cemetery photography is from writers who seen an image of mine and are inspired to write a piece.  One such writer, Veronique Medrano has wrote a poem titled ‘Stoned Religion’ and has given me kind permission to publish it here.

Stoned Religion

Virgin Mary

Silent Goddess

I look upon your stony visage in this graveyard,

filled with forgotten souls,

and a heartrending silence fills my soul.

‘Cause in her eyes I see the traditions of my heritage




Abuela waving a cold egg all over me

trying to ward off evil energy.

Whispers of the Virgin’s name,

bouncing eerily against the walls,

while the rattle of beads pass

one by one under my fingertips.

Visions and voices of angels and otherworldly wisdom,

all part of my deep devotion,




My doubts have stoned the Virgin,

and even though we were once friends,

now we are just strangers.

She’ll continue to look to the sky and pray,

while I take the memories of my youthful and put them away.

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