Straw Dogs Movie

Straw Dogs 2011

The other night, me and Luke settled down to watch the original Straw Dogs film starring Dustin Hoffman.  Luke wanted to watch it  as he had seen the trailer above for the remake that is due out this September.

The film was good, but I found it hard relating to any of the characters and the only thing I took away from that film was how beautiful the cottage was.

I’ve just watched the trailer above for the first time and WOW!  I cannot wait to watch the remake, because already, I can relate to some of the characters, especially considering it has the 100% sexy

Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood in it.  I’m melting already hahaha, but seriously, the trailer looks very good and I normally hate the idea of remakes.  The director is on Twitter @RodLurie so go ahead and follow him for movie updates.

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