The other night, Luke asked me if I would like to watch a vampire movie titled Suck starring Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. I instantly thought that this movie must suck as I’ve never heard anything about it and not even a mention of it on Twitter. I settled down with the intention of falling asleep half way through it as I was extremely tired.

This film didn’t suck!

I wouldn’t say that I’m crazy about it, but if you like your vampire movies, this is definitely one to check out.

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll vampire spoof about a band called The Winners who don’t seem to be going anywhere. Even their manager is bailing out on them. The lead singer is constantly haunted by Alice Cooper who in my opinion is a very good actor.

One night while playing in a bar, the bass guitarist played by Jessica Pare meets a mysterious vampire and ends up being turned into a very sexy vampire and instantly the band are getting noticed. Fame beckons as they continue their road journey, all the time being pursued by Eddie Van Helsig played by Malcolm McDowell.

It’s an enjoyable film to watch and the vampire makeup gets a big thumbs up from me. If you like the vampires from the original Salem’s Lot, you will like these and you will laugh at some of the situations the band find themselves in.  Their is one scene where the DJ interviewing the band ‘Rock’n Roger’ played by Henry Rollins shouldn’t be missed.

This film shouldn’t be missed and I agree with Rolling Stone in that it will more than likely become a cult classic.

Suck has the potential to become a cult classic’ Rolling Stone

The Official SUCK Trailer

For more information about Suck, please visit the movies official website.

Oh I forgot to mention, wait till you see Moby’s appearance.  That’s a shocker!

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