The Beast Starring Bill Oberst Jr

Synopsis: “The Beast is a short horror film about a father’s internal struggle with his boy’s affliction. Can he bring himself to do what is necessary in order to free him?”

I feel like howling with joy, simply because there are people out there who love classic horror films as much as I do and more importantly, keep on providing me with classic horror entertainment.

Below you will find a Peter Dukes film in its entirety titled The Beast starring my wonderful and talented friend, Bill Oberst Jr, but this time he’s not playing a terrifying psychopath.  The Beast also stars Peter Le Bas and Alexander Le Bas and I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.  It opens with a classic score, which sets the tone for a brilliant 12 minute piece of a father coming to terms with his sons transformation into a werewolf under a full moon.

The Beast starring Bill Oberst Jr

I took the opportunity to ask Bill some questions about the film.

Q: Amazing to see that you’re not the werewolf or a ruthless killer. Why did you choose The Beast and what was the attraction of performing?

A: I loved this little script from the moment I read it; and I loved my character, too. He is dark and conflicted and dealing with dueling allegiances between the greater good and his own flawed flesh. I related to everything about that.
I imagined that maybe he had himself struggled with the moonlight affliction as a youth and had grown out of it somehow; that it ran in the family and that was why he was trying to keep the boy alive. I have loved werewolves since I was a boy…I used to sneak out of the house at night on a full moon and ride my bicycle to the beach and lope along the sand trying to run like David Naughton in American Werewolf In London or Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man (I was a bit of a weird kid.) So shooting THE BEAST was a blast.

Q: If you were to pose for me, what kind of monster do you think your soul will reveal?

A: Wolf. Animal. A thing that rages against a cage. A soulful beast.

Q:  Final question, who’s idea was it to create a film about a werewolf and I’m guessing that like myself, they’re a fan of classic horror?

A: Filmmaker Peter Dukes wrote and directed THE BEAST and he is indeed, a fan of classic horror. This little film was a labor of love, made on a budget of only $600 and shot in one night. How I wish that there were movie studios who would trust our imaginations to provide the nightmares, and would give directors like Peter a budget to prove that classic horror is just as viable an art form as mutli-million dollar CGI movies are.

I thank you for your support of classic horror, Mandy. You and I are going to make that movie idea about the Pendle Witch Trials come true…I am determined!

Thanks Bill xx


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  1. This woman is the freaking Queen of U.K. Horror! There. I’ve said it.

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