The Cemetery Tunnel Ghost

Last night I attempted night time photography as I wanted to capture some of the best haunted locations for my Haunted Liverpool project and started off in St James Cemetery. Read more about my Haunted Liverpool (click here to read other posts) project.

It was very difficult to focus due to the lack of light and I should have gone out at dusk instead of totally dark.  The two shots below are the only two worth showing from this outing, but at first, I couldn’t decide on which one I liked best, so I posed the question on Facebook and Twitter.  The response was mixed.

The ghostly figure adds suspense and I love the shadow on the floor.  This image is now in my Haunted Liverpool gallery along with other images.

A lot of people liked the strong contrast of the image below, but although I love how the light captures his silhouette, it just wasn’t menacing or creepy enough for me to be totally satisfied.  Therefore I have decided that I will try this again, but this time have my wonderful Mark wearing a cape and top hat and maybe holding a cane so that it has a Victorian feel.

Cemetery Tunnel

This cemetery in Liverpool has many ghost stories.  Please click here to read my previous post about the hauntings.

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