The Damned Live

On May 5th 2012, The Damned played live at the Parr Hall in Warrington and they were awesome.  It’s the first time I’ve seen them live and I loved everything about the event.  It was such a good atmosphere and I loved how certain members of the crowd were going crazy and pushing everyone.  It was an absolute scream!

I must say that the lads still have it and Dave Vanian is still HOT!


I’ve had a crush on him since I was 15 or 16 and I wish I could do a horror portrait of him.  I didn’t know that sometimes you should hang around after the show for the opportunity to take photographs and chat to them.  I was totally gutted when I found this out as Captain Sensible had told me to bring my camera as he would have posed for me.  DOH!

The Damned Captain Sensible and Dave Vanian

By the way, Captain Sensible for me, stole the show.  He’s so funny and he’s on Twitter @SensibleCaptain.  My friend Vicky couldn’t wait to see him as she had a crush on him when she was younger. 

If you get the chance, go and see The Damned as their still touring.  All tour dates and latest information can be found on their website,


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