The Dark Side of Life by Horror Photographer Amanda Norman

What does the meaning ‘the dark side of life’ mean to you?

I will try to explain my personal meaning of it.

The dark side of life is NOT having a fear of the unknown. It is also a continual journey of self exploration, questioning everything that the mundane probably care not to for reasons of fear.

Energy Feeding

I fully believe that as individuals we can harness the energy around us for better or worse. Some harness energy for magical purposes, where by some of us do it without realising it.

Have you ever gone out feeling very good about yourself only to meet a regular individual who is so depressing that his/her mood brings you down?

This person is always down or depressed. Their personality seldom changes. After speaking to this person to try and cheer him/her up, you end up feeling drained or tired. This is because this person has taken your energy without you realising it and probably they don’t realise what they’re doing.

Some people know what they’re doing and they know how to harness or recycle negative energy to achieve a good outcome.


Within us we all have a spirit that is ultimately tied to our body during our lifetime. Even if we astral project, our spirit is still tied to our body. As a child, I unknowingly practiced astral projection and therefore I do believe that this can be achieved.

I’ve also lived with a spirit of a little boy called ‘Kenny’. I never interacted with him, but I sensed that he was a harmless little boy who made friends with my daughter when she was a toddler. I would often catch glimpses of him moving super fast out of the corner of my eye and when I looked, there would be nothing there. All I saw was a black shape.

Psychic Abilities

I believe that we all possess psychic abilities and that some of us are stronger than others. Personally, I have the gift of reading the Tarot and I can sense when someone is about to contact me out of the blue.

To me, the above paragraphs are examples of practices and thoughts that I have and learn more about each day.

The mundane amongst you will immediately scoff ‘what a load of rubbish’ and you are entitled to your opinions, just as I am as I continue my journey on the dark side of life.

Vampire Amanda Norman Selfie

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