The Dead of Ireland

I think it’s such a privilege when a church allows you into the crypt to view the resting place of the dead.  I urge you to pay St Michan’s church in Dublin’s inner city a visit and go on their tour to see these wonderful mummified corpses.  

I’ve never seen a sight like this before.  These mummified corpses are caked in dust and the corpse you see lying at the back is known as the ‘Crusader’. He measures 6 and a half feet and his legs were broken and tucked underneath him to fit him into the coffin.  He has a raised hand and at one time visitors were encouraged to shake it.  Would you?

Mummified Corpses of Dublin

The Mummies of St Michan’s in Dublin

Dublin Skulls

Skulls in the Crypt of St Michan’s in Dublin

Dublin Skull and Bones

Skulls in the Crypt of St Michan’s in Dublin

There are stories to tell about the other occupants, but I shall leave you to find these out for yourself by seeing them for real.  St Michan’s in Dublin has a link with Bram Stoker as his mother’s family has a burial plot within the graveyard.

The photograph you see below is not connected with St Michan’s.  This is the site that greeted me when I peered through a wooden gate in a graveyard in Louth.  So many skulls and bones lying there.

Irish Bones

An old tomb full of skull and bones in Ireland

I loved my visit to Ireland and I never knew that I would come so close to viewing the resting places of the dead up close. There’s so much to see and do, wonderful churches, ruins and abandoned houses.  I need to return!

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