The Munsters Cars

With being such a massive fan of The Munsters, I decided to write a post about their wonderful cars.

My favourite car has to be the Munster Koach built by George Barris for the hit TV show The Munsters.  This hot rod car is 18ft long and made from three Model T bodies. Each member of The Munsters family required their own compartment, which included a laboratory for Grandpa Munster.

The Munsters Koach

It has blood red velvet interior, black gloss pearl paint on the exterior and gets three miles to a gallon on embalming fluid.  It has a four speed manual transmission with a power rear end.  The car is powered by a 289 Ford Cobra engine which was bored to 425 cid.

In 1964, the cost to build the first Munster Koach was $18,000.00 and there was only two built. The studio only gave George Barris 21 days to complete the car and he did amazingly well.

The Munster Koach



Dragula was Grandpa Munster’s car which was also built by ‘George Barris’.

The fibre glass body of DRAG-U-LA was shaped like a coffin. It featured a 350HP 289CI Ford Mustang V-8 engine, with a four-speed stick shift.

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  1. Do the munsters hot rods still exist today.

  2. Hi David, I don’t know about the hot rods, but there is a Munster Koach in a car museum in Kendal, Cumbria, UK.

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