The Hammer Story and Quatermass II

The Hammer Story is the authorised history of Hammer Films and it’s a stunning book and simply a MUST HAVE for any serious Hammer Horror film fan.

I received my copy for my Birthday and I’ve only just began reading it, but the print quality, information and the photographs are of excellent quality.

The book has a foreword by the wonderful Christoimagepher Lee and after an introduction on how Hammer evolved, we’re presented with each of the films Hammer produced with nothing spared.

It’s my intention to watch all of the Hammer films and the book starts with The Quatermass Experiment released in 1955, then X The Unknown, which was once considered as a legitimate sequel to The Quatermass Experiment, but the writer Nigel Kneale turned down Jimmy Sangster’s and Anthony Hinds suggestion of using their character Professor Quatermass.  The book also reveals how Hammer wanted to capitalise on the X rated certificate following the success of The Quatermass Experiment.

I haven’t seen these first two movies, but I did watch the third movie listed, Quatermass 2 and much to my surprise as I’m not a fan of sci-fi and aliens, I quite enjoyed the film although I was disappointed that Professor Quatermass didn’t imagesuffer a violent death.  The way he spoke to his secretary was I suppose typical for the 1950’s, but if a pompous arrogant idiot spoke to me like that, he’d be leaving the room like a scared dog with its tail between its legs.  Who did he think he was?

As you can see, that has wound me up and I have no sympathy whatsoever for the character of Professor Quatermass.  The only person I felt sorry for was Sid James (Carry on films) who played a drunken reporter and his acting skills were the best in this film.

The Hammer Story reveals how Brian Donlevy who played Professor Quatermass was drunk for most of the filming and how they tried to protect his wig from being blown off his head, but they didn’t succeed and at one point it blew off and floated in the wind like a bat.  Oh how I would have laughed to have seen that.

The next film listed in the book is The Curse of Frankenstein and as soon as I’ve watched it, I’ll be back with another post to promote this beautiful book.  To buy the book click here.

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