The Hope Street Shiverpool Tour

Right from the start, the crazy Keira entertained as she approached us outside the Philharmonic Dining Rooms pub, which is the meeting point for the Hope Street ghost tour.  She was whacky and loud and I enjoyed her theatrical interaction with us and members of the public who were stood in the vicinity.

Liverpool Ghost Tour Shiverpool

Shiverpool is Liverpool’s original and most famous theatrically led ghost and history tour, exploring the city’s most famous locations and revealing their hidden histories and mysteries. Shiverpool introduce their creepy historical findings in a series of stunning theatrical performances presented by our Spirit Guides who consistently astound, chill and entertain even the most sceptical of cynics!

On this night, including myself and Mark, there was only one other couple on the tour.  Perhaps this was down to the cold temperature and damp conditions, but fortunately, this didn’t stop us from having fun and interacting, which was down to Keira’s handling of the situation.

From shouting at traffic light controls, to having blood covered hands and a creepy guy who would suddenly appear from the darkest recesses making the other female in the group scream, I really enjoyed it.  Before you ask, I will admit to jumping once whereby my heart pounded for a second, but I’m not telling you how they did it or when.  I wouldn’t want to spoil your surprise.

It would be rude of me to tell you about every story that was told on this 1.5hr tour, but I was fully intrigued.  Keira’s theatrical telling of all the ghost and grisly facts on this tour really did keep us on our toes.  In fact, she’s intrigued me enough to re-visit a location, just around the corner from where I’m living, and photograph the tomb of one gentleman who had it especially constructed so that the Devil couldn’t take his soul after death.  It’s a tomb in the style of a pyramid and it sits amongst some old headstones on Rodney Street.  It’s such a brilliant location for my Gothic horror photography.  I’m just waiting for a misty morning as I want the perfect scene.  The photographs and story will be published soon in my blog.  To view my galleries, please click here.

Shiverpool also do another ghost tour titled The Auld City Shivers that I’m itching to attend.  It finishes off 40ft underneath Castle Street and is not a location open to the public.  How fascinating is that?  Your very own chance to see sights of Liverpool not often seen.  This theatrical company also do private ghost tours and I do highly recommend them.

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