The ReelyBored Interview

When you’re really bored, why not pop on over to the Reely Bored Blog and amuse yourself with one of my favourite interviews. Check out what the webmaster @ReelyBored had to say below.

Reely Bored interviews Amanda Norman

Browsing the web for good examples of dark photography, I stumbled upon photographer Amanda Norman, who is based out of the UK. Starting out as an amateur photographer, Amanda has taken her love for photography and blossomed it into a major talent who, I believe, is only getting started with her craft.

I found myself immersed in her photos as they capture the essence of both dark and Gothic and was compelled to reach out and talk to her. And so, I did.

To my surprise, she responded and a conversation ensued. I got to know her a little and thought it would be a good idea for others to get to know her as well as to help spread her fantastic work. Hence, this interview was conducted.  Click here to read the interview

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