The Satanic Bible


 Satanism is not worshiping the devil and does not involve the sacrifice of animals, virgins and babies.

There, I’ve said it before I begin my post about the late Anton Szandor LaVey’s book, The Satanic Bible.

Never have I read a book that really challenged my thoughts and made me take a long look at myself and the way I act.

The hypocrisy of Christianity is certainly laid out bare in this book, while the author challenges the reader to open their mind and begin the journey of worshiping ones self and not some ideal that has been selfishly created.

How many of you reading this now feel or have felt in the past a tad frightened at the thought of going to Hell?

Does Hell even exist or is it a scare tactic?

Make up your own mind by reading LaVey’s Satanic Bible. Review

One might expect The Satanic Bible at least to offer a few prancing demons or a virgin sacrifice, but if you’re looking for a tour of the house of horrors, this is the wrong book. Far from a manual for conquering the realms of earth, air, fire and water, The Satanic Bible is Anton LaVey’s manifesto of a new religion separate from the "traditional" Judeo-Christian definitions of Satanism. While LaVey rails against the deceit of the Christian church and white magicians, he busily weaves his own deceptions.

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