Twilight Fauna and Amanda Norman Photography

Twilight Fauna featuring Amanda Norman's Photography


Amanda Norman’s Photography on CD Cover

When solo artist Ravenwood contacted Amanda Norman to ask her permission for the use of her photography on the CD cover of his latest album Twilight Fauna – Grief, Amanda was delighted and agreed straight away.   The first photograph Ravenwood requested was the Cemetery Tree Blood, which Amanda states is full of inspiration from her love of Hammer Horror. Ravenwood agreed stating that Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing would be proud.

Twilight Fauna is described as raw atmospheric black metal and this particular CD, (also available in cassette form) is limited to 33 copies.   If you love Amanda’s Gothic Horror Photography and you like music that ranges from fast guitars and blast beats to slower more melodic acoustic pieces and doesn’t focus solely on black metal, please visit Ravenwood’s page over at and listen to some samples.

Blood Gallery

Both of the images used on the Twilight Fauna CD can be found in Amanda’s Blood Gallery, where you have the option of purchasing them.  Click to view the Blood Gallery.


  1. the pictures look great together. went to the site though and couldn’t find any free samples. 🙁

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the images. The free samples are contained within the video at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, I’ve included the link direct to Youtube.

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