Understudy by Angela Caperton

Understudy is a wonderful tale of vampire erotica and it is featured in the Black Lace compilation titled ‘Lust At First Bite’, which is available from Amazon.

Understudy Synopsis

Mauzy has always longed for the lead role within the theatre’s production of Dracula.  One night he meets ‘Ana’, a mysterious woman who shows him the reality of his dreams.

Angela Caperton the talented author has informed me that ‘Understudy’ is the first in a series that will feature the dark and sultry character of ‘Ana’.

I can’t wait for more of Ana, because I want to know who she is and what she gets up to.  I asked Angela to describe ‘Ana’.

Simply put, Ana is a succubus, but perhaps not what most people think of when they hear the word. She is as ancient as the first human dream, but her current incarnation was “born” sometime in the late 19th Century. She lives both in dreams and in the material world, but her best work is done when the two are indistinguishable, life and dreams merging into a fantasy or a nightmare.

You can read this lustful tale of vampire erotica in full by purchasing ‘Lust At First Bite’.

Below is an excerpt and it is where Mauzy meets Ana for the first time.

Excerpt of UNDERSTUDY by Angela Caperton

He sat down facing her, suddenly self-conscious as her beauty was revealed. A miracle of symmetry, the woman’s face glowed with a strange intensity. High cheek bones the braziers for enormous black eyes that gathered the bar light into golden flames. A strong, slender nose and lips that parted in a glistening, nearly luminous smile left Mauzy’s mouth dry. He imagined kissing her, the thought startlingly vivid. Skin as dark as a Polynesian’s intrigued him and her hair, where it escaped her cap, was the pale silver of moonlight. She wore a coat cut like a shawl, loose around her shoulders and a blouse of deep, rich burgundy.

Her smile pulled him into her, but the depthless wonder of her eyes kept him, wound him in webs, turned the backs of his knees to water even as his cock hardened. He remembered the first act of the play, the women in Dracula’s castle, the erotic, pale trio preying on the traveler. A finger’s grasp on the edge of reason, he stared into the fire-touched twin pools of her black gaze, and believed in vampires.

Long lashes brushed the dusky skin of her cheek and an endless ache filled Mauzy’s heart as she released him with a sultry laugh. The air in the room began to move again. “It is fascinating what you do. Acting.” She traced one long finger over the edge of her wine glass, and Mauzy tasted her, the exotic spice of her sex as he imagined following just such a pattern with his tongue.

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