Bill Oberst Jr

Meet who I believe will one day become a well known horror icon, Bill Oberst  Jr.


I came across Bill’s work in the demo reel featured below, which really does freak me out, but fortunately, speaking with Bill, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and you can see our conversation below.  He’s also agreed to allow me to take his horror portrait when he’s next in the UK and I can’t wait to do this.Bill Oberst Jr

Bill gave me permission to use the photo above and in his own words….

Of all the pics I have done, this one captures who I really am best of all. I love that there is an online community where dark (but sweet) souls like you and I can be ourselves. That’s why I love being a horror actor so much. It is a place I can be who God made me to be and not worry about being judged as “weird.”

You’re not weird Bill, your HORROR acting is bloody amazing!

Bill Oberst JrQ: When are you coming to the UK for your horror portrait?

A: I love your horror portraits! And I hope to be back over soon. My stepmum is from London and has a flat in Hampton Hill where my sister lives. I am a big fan of British horror and toured in THE WOMAN IN BLACK awhile back onstage. Maybe the exposure on your blog will help me book a UK film gig. I can’t wait to come back over.

Q: More and more people are calling you a horror icon, but who is yours and why?

A: Lon Chaney Sr. without a doubt. Sure, he was from eons ago and many of his films are lost, but what we have shows a true dark artist who tried to bring humanity to the monstrous; who tried to show the soul in the horrible and the beauty in the things we call hideous. That is my passion, too. It’s my goal in every role.

Q: Do you prefer gore or classic horror?

A: Classic horror hands-down. I like horror of the body and of the mind. Gore only shocks for a moment. But horror that strips us to the naked fear we all feel when we hear a noise at 3am – that’s the real stuff. Good horror is about what all humans universally fear.

Q: You told me that you would love to pose for a dark portrait of mine when you’re next in the UK. My models naturally show one of the following: – witch, vampire, werewolf or monster. What do you think my lens will reveal about you?

A: The monster yearning to be accepted. My sympathies have always been with the monster.

Q: What is it like to work with Drew Daywalt who I believe is going to be one of the greatest writer/directors in horror?

A: Drew Daywalt is one of the kindest souls you will encounter; a loving, doting father, a devoted husband, a follower of Jesus (as I am,) a good and decent man. And yet he gets behind the camera and creates such sublime horrors! I love his dichotomy. He is gifted in 1,000 ways and it is a gift from above for me to have been able to work with him.

Q: Finally, if you had one wish/dream come true, what would it be?

A: That someone somewhere might feel less alone and less strange because of my work. Humans are very cruel creatures and I am no stranger to ridicule. I would wish that by portraying the darker side of humanity, I might show that there is light. And there is hope. That is my wish and that is my prayer. Darkness recognized is danger avoided.

Horror Genre Demo for actor Bill Oberst Jr. from Bill Oberst Jr. on Vimeo.2010 Horror genre film demo for Los Angeles-based actor Bill Oberst Jr.


Update 20/07/2011

OVERTIME – Teaser 2

Here’s a 60 second teaser of the creepy, psychological movie Bill is working on now titled Overtime.  What do you think?

Personally, I think it looks really good and the teaser isn’t giving anything away.

Overtime: Teaser 2 from Thomas Mentel on Vimeo.

This will be the final teaser/glimpse of Overtime until after post-production is finished. Color isn’t final by any means, but does reflect what might come to be.

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    P.S – here’s a recent bit of creepiness – 60sec teaser for a psychological horror short I am working on right now:

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