Vampire Photography Portrait Shoot

When Katie Barnes asked Kerry Sheree, (make up artist) for a photo shoot, no one could have imagined the vampire she would become.

Vampire Blood Bath

Final image of Katie Barnes and her vampire photo shoot. Make-up artist is

Katie isn’t a model, but after this shoot, you would be forgiven for thinking that she’s modelled before.  She met Kerry Sheree on the school run and had seen some of Kerry’s make up work and that was enough to tempt her.  This is what Katie had to say about the shoot…

Date: 11/04/2015
Had the most amazing photo shoot yesterday, kerry sheree is a fantastic make up artist who captured the vampire look i wanted perfectly! Amanda norman is such a brillient photographer and the pictures she took are fantastic, she is very professional and makes you feel really at ease! Highly recomended and i cannot wait for another shoot with them! Over the moon with my pics!

Vampire Photo Make Over

Katie from Warrington loves vampires and Kerry Sheree had free reign to do whatever she pleased.  After applying the make up, I provided Katie with some of my vampire jewellery to complete the look before taking photographs in the bedroom as she liked the idea of a sexy vampire.

Vampire Photo Shoot with Amanda Norman Photography

Katie posing with her vampire make-up by

Kerry Sheree had bigger ideas and it involved lots of fake blood in my bathroom along with Katie getting a splattering.  This is when the shoot became the Vampire Blood Bath and it was lots of bloody fun for all three of us.

Vampires Blood

Katie Barnes and her vampire photo shoot. Make-up artist is

Katie is such a natural at posing, which led to some FANGTASTIC shots.  I’m really having a hard time choosing my favourite image out of all of these photographs.

Vampire Blood Bath Photographs

What is happening?

Katie Barnes and her vampire photo shoot. Make-up artist is

Katie posing with her vampire make-up by

Katie Barnes enjoying her vampire photo shoot

The final image above looks stunning in black and white.  Kerry Sheree didn’t want me to do any black and white photographs as she wanted me to show her make up off.  When she saw the above image, she loved it and it’s one of her favourites.  I think it works BLOODY well!

Alternative Portrait Service

You can have a photo shoot make over like Katie’s.  You will receive a 24 x 16 inch print of your favourite image, plus a selection of the best images in digital format, like the ones above for sharing on social media websites.  The current price for a shoot with Kerry Sheree providing make up is £150 and more information can be found by clicking here.

As Kerry Sheree is my daughter, you will be guaranteed to have a fun shoot in a relaxed environment.  Get in touch with me today to discuss your ideas and please visit to see Kerry’s work.

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