Vampire Photography

I love vampires so much so that it inspires a lot of my photography work. Below you will find a collection of my favourite vampire photographs to date.

Vampire Graveyard Photography

I’m fully inspired by the graveyard scenes of Universal Horror and Hammer Horror.  I love old graveyards that are overgrown and appear to have been forgotten by the living.  Over time, the ground shifts and the stonework collapses, giving it a creepy and very old look.  In such graveyards, I can easily imagine a vampire rising at night and floating over the tops of the moss covered graves, searching for its next victim.

I started taking graveyard photography in 2004 and I’m beginning to find it harder to create creepy imagery.  I just find these gardens of death to be hauntingly beautiful.  In the shot below, the sunlight filters in through the overgrown shrubbery, shining its light on some hidden graves.

Welsh Graveyard Sunlight

Highgate cemetery in London was infamous in the early 1970’s for being the home of a tall dark figure with glaring red eyes otherwise known as the Highgate vampire.  It was also home to groups of people performing satanic rituals and was sensationalised by the media at the time.  Find out the truth from psychic investigator, David Farrant by watching the video below.

Highgate Cemetery

The image below was taken at Glasgow Necropolis and it just reminds me of a scene from Hammer Horror.

The Cemetery Cross

The image below is again inspired by my love of Hammer Horror and Universal Horror.  It is one of my first every graveyard photographs that I took in 2004, (re-edited in 2015) to remind me of the graveyard I played in many a time as a child.  I grew up in Heysham that is just outside of Morecambe, Lancashire and it is highly recommended that you visit this beautiful place.

Grave Yard 1

For more images of graveyards and cemeteries, please visit my Graveyard Gallery by clicking here.

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