Vampires of the World

There are lots of mysterious tales about the different types of vampires from around the world, but how many of them are you aware of and how many come from your own back yard?

In today’s society, a lot of people dismiss the existence of vampires, but why if there are numerous documented facts from times as far back as before Christ?

Long before countries knew of other countries existence, inhabitants feared the same vampiric creature.  How can this be?

Below, I’ve compiled a list of vampires from around the world and if you feel that I’ve missed one out or you have information to add, please contact me.

imageAsasabonsam – Africa

Similar to the Australian Yara-ma-yha-who. It would live up in the trees and pounce upon its victims. The creature has iron ferocious teeth and sharp hook feet that are used for grabbing its victims.

Azeman – Southern America

A female vampire that appears normal in daylight, but has the ability to shape shift into a bat (can be another animal) after sunset to fly in search of intended victims.  Such victims would be asleep with their big toe exposed and the Azeman will scrape off some of the flesh and lap up the blood until she is full. Victims will wake up very weak and near death.  An Azeman becomes a vampire when infected with blood from another of its kind.

To protect yourself, a broom propped against a door can be used and a sprinkling of seeds will pre-occupy this vampire as it needs to obsessively count them all and can do so until dawn arises and therefore revealing her true identity.  This vampire can be killed during daylight.

Bantu – India

There are three types in all.

Bantu Dodong – Lives in caves and feeds off the blood of animals.
Bantu Parl – Feeds off the blood of wounded humans who can’t defend themselves.
Bantu Saburo – Commands dogs to hunt humans so that it can feed off them.

imageBaobhan Sith – Highland Scotland

Pronounced ‘baavan shee’, this vampire also referred to as a succubus, takes the appearance of a beautiful young woman dressed in green and arises from her grave once a year to feed.  They are also said to have hooved feet that are hidden under their long green dress.

Operating in groups and in forests, their main victims would be travelling males who would be lured in by their stunning looks. They would dance with their victim until they fell exhausted and to weak to put up a fight before using their sharp fingernails to claw their victims flesh and feed on their blood and life sources.

Her crying shriek can often be heard from a distance and it is said that sometimes, the person who hears her scream will drop down dead.  If a number of Baobhan Siths are heard shrieking together, this foretells the death of a great person.

This type of vampire is said to have become immortal through death at childbirth.

The Baobhan Sith is also an evil Scottish fairy and to protect yourself from such creatures, you should use cold iron.

Bhuta – India

These creatures are ghouls that eat the remains of humans and they usually inhabit graveyards and attack those who approach.  They inhabit dead bodies and use the corpse to attack their victims.  In ghost form they appear as a ball of light or a flickering misty figure.  The Bhuta never have shadows.

A Bhuta is transformed following an untimely violent death and are forever cursed to walk the Earth in search of their next victim.

Blautsauger – Bosnia-Herzegovina

This is an interesting vampire as it tries to make its victims eat earth from it’s tomb in order to turn them into vampires. The Blautauger does not like hawthorn flowers and it can also turn into a rat or a wolf.  This vampire has no skeleton and it’s hairy.

Bruculaco – Greece

An ugly vampire that has hard swollen skin and is known to spread the plague. This vampire will attack it’s victim if they answer its screaming call, which it can do only once a night. To kill it, you must decapitate it and either burn or boil its head.

Callicantzaros – Greece

Was you born between December the 25th and January the 5th? If so after death you will become a vampire and attack your victims with your long sharp fingernails and rip them to death. These vampires only appear during the twelve days of Christmas.

Catacano – Greece

I wouldn’t like to be attacked by this grinning vampire. It spits blood at you and it burns. To kill this creature you must boil it’s head in vinegar or isolate it behind salt water.

Chiang-shih – China

Usually created after a violent death, this creature is very ferocious and is very similar to the Ekimmu, which is thousands of miles away.  This creature would rip its victims apart before feeding off the blood. Garlic and running water would keep it away and fire would destroy it.
Most important thing about this vampire is that once buried it would not be able to roam, so it had to escape before burial.

Dakhanavar – Armenia

This creature would inhabit a valley near Mount Ararat and would suck the blood from travellers feet. According to legend, the Dakhanavar was never seen again after two men slept with their feet tucked under one another’s heads causing the Dakhanavar to believe that it was a two headed monster.

Dearg-due – Ireland

Similar to the Baobhan Sith, a beautiful woman who rises from her grave to lure men to their doom by sucking them dry of their life forces.  She dates back to Celtic times and is reportedly buried near Strongbow’s Tree in Waterford, County Munster.

Legend tells us that she was once so beautiful that she could have had the pick of any man, but her father forced her into an arranged marriage with a man who abused her. She committed suicide and is said to rise from her grave to avenge her death.

Commonly referred to as the ‘red blood sucker’, a cairn of stones should be built over the grave to prevent her from rising.

Ekimmu – Sumer (Iraq)

This type of vampire was created from a violent death or improper burial.  They are spirits that resemble gusts of wind that suck the life out of children and the sleeping.

Farkaskoldus – Hungary

A vampire which turns into a werewolf at death.

Gierach – Prussia

Other wise known as Viesczy or Stryz.  A sprinkling of poppy seeds over a suspected vampires grave would supposedly keep it at bay as it would spend it’s time counting them.  It is said that this vampire simply needs to speak the name of its victim in order to kill and that only the victim will hear their name clearly.  Others just hear a cry of an animal deep in the night.

imageKappa – Japan

These types of vampires will suck the blood from horses and cows anuses after dragging the animals in to their watery home. They will only leave the water to rape women, steal victim’s livers and steal fruit. They have been known to strike bargains with people who they won’t attack.  They look like green child like creatures that are very ugly.

Kuzlak – Croatia

This type of vampire is created when an infant dies due to not being breast fed enough. To kill one, its head should be cut off and stuck between its legs.

Krvopijac – Bulgaria

In this neck of the woods, if one is to drink or smoke during Lent, they become a Krvopijac. This type of vampire is a blood drinker and has the ability to move objects. It only has one nostril and a forked tongue.  To remove this type of creature, a monk will call its soul into a bottle of blood, which is then burned.
To find the resting place of this creature, a virgin upon a black horse will ride through the graveyard over the graves and where the horse refuses to go is where you will find the vampire.
This vampire is also known as an Obur.

Langsuir – Malaysia

This vampire was created after a woman died giving birth to a still born baby. The vampire had no fangs but instead, a hole was used to suck blood, which was located at the back of her neck. A Langsuir could become mortal again if a mortal cut off her long nails and black hair and stuffed it into her hole at the back of her neck.

Liugat/Sampiro – Albania

The East European orthodoxy seems to be responsible for spreading the superstitious myth concerning this type of vampire which became popular after the 16th century. All Albanians with a Turkish decent will become a vampire at the moment of their death and be forced to roam the land at night, wearing high heel shoes and a shroud causing death and destruction. A Will-o’-the-wisp could pick out a vampires grave.

Lobishomen – Brazil

A Lobishomen is a male vampire that feeds regularly off a woman, but not killing her. The victim will display nymphomatical tendencies.  Once this creature has fed, it becomes drunk on the blood; therefore it is easy to catch once in this state.  It is said to be created from witchcraft or born through incest and can take on an animal form. When it is an animal, it appears as a hunchback monkey with yellowish skin, black teeth and a beard.

Mjertovjec – Belarus

Another vampire that can be warded off so to speak with poppy seeds. If you sprinkle a trail of poppy seeds, this vampire will follow them back to it’s tomb. This type of vampire is created when a werewolf or witch dies, or when an apostate (a person who renounces their beliefs) dies.

Moribondo – France

This vampire from France only attacks cattle and to protect the animals, the herder will guide them through a ring of fire.

Nachzehrer/Neuntöter – Germany

What a great vampire this is!

It is known to cause plagues and has also been known to tie cow’s tails together.  When it rests within its tomb, it will gnaw upon its shroud and sometimes itself and always keeps its left eye open. To destroy it, place garlic in its mouth or decapitate it. The Neuntoter can only be decapitated between 11pm and midnight.

Some believe that this vampire can leave its grave and shapeshift into the form of a pig and pay a visit to a member of its family and feast upon their blood.  It is also said that they can ring the bells within a church belfry and all those who hear the ringing of the bells will die.

Nosferatu – Romania

This is a blood drinking vampire that can have sexual relations with its victims. A Nosferatu is usually created if they are an illegitimate child of illegitimate parents.

Obayito – Africa

This type of vampire is a living witch or hag that could leave her body at night and feed off the blood of her sleeping victims.

Obur – Bulgaria

Also knows as a Krvopijac.

Ogoljen – The Czech Republic

There are two similar vampires from this region. The Ogoljen roams about and to get rid of it, one should bury it at a crossroads. It is also known to have soil from it’s tomb within its navel.  Another similar kind of vampire to this is one that will roam around naked when its death shroud is dropped. To kill it, steal the shroud.

imagePenanggalan – Malaysia

A beautiful older female that can detach her head at night and fly with a trail of organs and her spine in the search of new born babies to feed upon their blood.  To become a Penanggalan, the use of Black Magic or a demonic curse is used.  Another method of transforming is by startling a woman while praying so that her head snaps around quickly and pops off.

Artwork by Silycon Sorcery and Michael LoPresti

Pijawika – Croatia

Also known as a Kuzlak.

Psychic Vampires – Worldwide

This type of vampire feeds off the energy of its victims.

Raksashas/Raksashis – India

This type of vampire was first documented within the Vedas (Hindu religious text). It was a nocturnal blood drinker that had a fearsome appearance with elongated fangs.  Favourite victims to seek out were pregnant females and they were also known to attack infants.

Sampiro – Albania

See Liugat above.

Strigoi/Strigoaica – Romania

Some of the vampires in this region are said to be living witches who can leave their bodies to attack other people, similar to the Vetalas of India. This type of psychic vampire is often referred to as Strigoi.
Immortal blood drinking vampires are called Strigoi Morti and these are most like the traditional vampire of myth and folklore as they leave their graves at night and were destroyed by a stake, decapitation or burning. The Romanians believed that garlic kept them away, and a branch of a wild rose placed on the grave stopped the vampire from rising.

Succubus/Incubus – Worldwide

The most infamous succubus is Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Lilith is said to be the first immortal in history as well as a seductress. Not only would she strangle baby infants, she would seduce dreaming men, feed off their bodily fluids as well as their sexual energy.

The male form is referred to as an Incubus. This creature would prey upon women while they slept, make love to them and torment their dreams. An Incubus has the ability to father children.

Tasei – Burma

This type of vampire can actually roam around in daylight. They can enter a town either at night or at noon and they can cause minor illnesses. They have huge ears, long tongues and tusk like teeth and they appear as tall dark people. Most of the vampires were evil people who have been condemned to be disembodied spirits. Another name they go by is Thaye.

Talamaur – Australia

Reported to be found on the Banks Islands and has the ability to communicate with the spirit world. This vampire can then use the spirit as it’s servant to feed off fresh corpses as well as walking amongst the living.

Upior or Upyr – Polish and Romania

This blood drinking vampire can roam from noon till midnight. It’s only in recent times that authors have made people believe that vampires only prowl at night. To destroy this kind of creature, a stake would be used as well as decapitation and fire.

Vapir or Ubour – Bulgaria

Similar to the Greek Vrykolakas, this creature would feast upon people until a Bulgarian vampire hunter (vampirdzhija) disposed of the creature either by a wooden stake or forcing the vampire into a bottle with a piece of iron. The vampire was created by either excommunication or an improper burial.

Varacolaci – Romania

These types of vampire are reported to be the strongest and they are able to cause solar and lunar eclipses. They are able to travel by the use of astral projection and can journey anywhere providing the astral cord is not broken. They are often seen to appear as pale skinned humans with dry skin.

Vetalas – India

These vampires can appear in various forms one of which is an old hag who drinks the victim’s blood.

Vrykolakas – Greece

This vampire was created from one of three reasons, violent death, or improper burial or by a priest excommunicating the person from a church. This creature would normally attack relatives or friends by visiting their houses and calling out the victim’s name. If one was to open the door, death would become him/her and they to would turn into a vampire. To destroy this creature, a stake would be used to pin it to its grave, then followed by decapitation and burning. If a priest had excommunicated the vampire, this would be revoked so that ever lasting peace can be found for the unfortunate soul.

imageYara-ma-yha-who – Australia

This is a short creature resembling a little red man, that would live in fig trees waiting to pounce upon its victims with its suction cup like fingers that sucked the blood.  This creature wouldn’t suck enough blood to kill its victim.  It would simply weaken its prey and then devour the whole body in one go.

Images Used : Where the image is known, I’ve included reference to the artist.  If your work is featured here and you would like it removed or reference adding, please contact me.

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