Victim of a Psychic Vampire Attack?

VampGothique is a close friend of mine and what you’re about to read here is genuine.  VampGothique or VG for short suffers from a form of Narcolepsy called Catalepsy.

Could VG be suffering attacks from a psychic vampire?  Read on and you decide.

How long have you suffered from this condition?

I was about 13yrs of age when I had my first attack.  Being 13 I wondered what was happening to me.  I told my mother about it and she said that it was just nightmares.  I had these attacks for almost a year before my mother decided to take me to the doctors.

Can you describe in detail what would happen to you during these attacks?

They were different as a child.  They didn’t seem as frightening as they do now.  As a child I’d be lay in bed not being able to move.  My eyes were slightly open and I could see clearly around me, but I was paralysed.  If I tried to make a sound, I couldn’t.  I could see my mum entering the room but she thought that I was asleep no matter how much I tried to call out to her.

I think in the beginning my mother thought that I was making it all up because in the morning I would wake up very tired and drained of energy and my mother would tell me that I wasn’t having any time off school.

As a child, did you see anything that scared you when having an attack?

I used to see shadows out of the corner of my eye and a sense of fear but I cannot explain what it was.

Did you not get your condition diagnosed as a child?


My mother took me to the doctors, but they said that it was down to me being a nervous child, which I wasn’t.  Two years later and I was still suffering from these attacks and I went to a hospital to have a CAT scan and something showed up, but they put it down to a sleep disorder.

So you got used to your condition then and it didn’t bother you?

Yes, I learned to live with it and it did stop for a period of years, but then reappeared.

Nowadays, are these attacks still happening and are the symptoms the same?

Yes I’m still getting the attacks, but the symptoms have changed.  When an attack is coming on, I get a strange buzzing sensation happening inside of my head.  It’s really hard to describe what this is like.  I also get shooting pains in my temples and my breathing is erratic.  I can actually feel my heart pounding and this is when the fear sets in because I know what’s about to happen.

Again I’m totally paralysed, but over the years I’ve learned how to make a moaning noise to try to alert my husband.  All it takes is a touch from my husband to bring me out of this attack.  Once I’ve come out of the attack, I feel so drained and I’m fighting to stay awake before I lapse into a second attack but this time I will not be able to make a sound.

Why do these attacks frighten you so much?

Once in the attack I can sense a presence in the room either behind me or at the side of the bed.  I can also hear heavy breathing and I know that the presence is male.  The reason I know it’s a male presence is because I’ve actually been physically touched sexually by him.

What happens?

It always enters through the door and will never venture to my husbands side of the bed.  I can feel his finger prodding me in the legs and arms and I’m totally paralysed.

The worst attack happened one morning at 9am.  I went to the toilet came back to the bedroom and thought that I would take another 5 minutes kip.  This time I was facing the door and I watched it open slightly ajar, then I waited knowing that it was going to approach me from behind as it usually does.  The next minute I was lay on my back and it was pulling my ankles from under the duvet and it’s pulling me down so that the duvet is covering my face.  I start to panic because I feel like I’m going to die.

Next thing I can see is the room spinning around and I’m in the air because he’s got me by the ankles and spinning me around.  I can see the furniture and the wallpaper in clear detail spinning around.

How if your head is under the duvet?

It’s hard to explain because I don’t really know.  All I can say is it’s like watching a film and a scene has been cut out.  That’s the only way I can describe it.

How long does this attack happen for?

It’s like time stands still.  I’ve noticed the time before my attack if I’ve looked at the clock and afterwards it will be the exact same time.  When I do come out of the attack, I’m physically exhausted, drained and I’m always in the same position as though nothing happens.  I always sleep on my side.  Sometimes though the time does change and the longest period is roughly seven minutes.

Have you ever been physically hurt or sexually abused during an attack?

Yes!  This only started as an adult.

As a child I just sensed a presence in the room and I was never touched.  As an adult though, nearly every attack I’m being touched in some way, usually the prodding.  It’s only ever hit me once in the back and that was after I came out of an attack and called it a coward.  Instantly I was back into an attack and for some reason I was able to grab its wrist.  I don’t know if this was my imagination or maybe it was something in my sub consciousness that made me want to fight back.

I could feel it pulling away and it was strong and it broke free, left the room, but was back with lightning speed and that’s when it thumped me in the middle of my back.

Afterwards I wondered if I should have grabbed it or should I have left it to do what it wants, but why should I not fight back?  I was scared thinking what it would do to me next time if I fight back.

What makes you think that you could be a victim of a psychic vampire attack?

I was diagnosed with narcolepsy at the age of 21 by my GP.  He explained to me the different symptoms.  One of the main symptoms is falling asleep during the day where as mine is night attacks with paralysis, lucid dreams and hallucinations.

After listening to my GP I accepted my condition.

I also have a blood disorder called antibody E which doesn’t help with narcolepsy.

About six months ago, I borrowed ‘Konstantinos – Vampires The Occult Truth’ from you and what I read made me go cold.  Konstantinos describes attacks made by psychic vampires and these accounts are exactly like mine.

I’ve also searched on the Internet and have found other accounts similar to my own.

Does this scare you?

Yes because it makes you think about the unknown.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Do vampires really exist?

Who can prove that they don’t?

It’s like when we’re breathing in oxygen, just because we can’t see it, who’s to say that it doesn’t exist?

But do you fear for you life and have you looked for help?

No I haven’t looked for help because to be honest, who is going to believe me?  I don’t fear for my life, I’d just like to know why this happens to me.  Is it because I’m religious?  I simply don’t know.

If there are people suffering from the same attacks as myself, I would like to know so that hopefully I can understand this better.

Is there treatment you can take or do to prevent you from having an attack?

I took some medication once, but it caused unpleasant side effects so I stopped taking it.  My doctor recommended relaxation techniques and a healthy lifestyle but none of these worked.  I’ve even had attacks when I haven’t been stressed and I’ve gone to bed totally relaxed.  I believe that if you’re going to be a victim of such attacks, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Finally, what does your husband think about your condition and views?

I’ve mentioned the concept of psychic vampires to him and he just listens.  Knowing him though I think that he just wants the diagnosis to be narcolepsy as the concept of vampires is a bit freaky.

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