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Mr Red of Retro Horror Movies Warrington

Although I don’t live in Warrington, Cheshire anymore, I still have strong connections with the town and nothing escapes me for long especially if there’s a horror connection.

Last week a local newspaper article caught my attention due to it being horror related and it told the story about Mr Red, a gentleman who now has over 1000 members of his Facebook group Retro Horror Movies Warrington. He also screens classic horror movies from the 80’s and 90’s on the big screen giving people the chance to watch cult classics like The Lost Boys and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Who is Mr Red of Retro Horror Movies Warrington?

Without further a do, allow me to introduce you to Mr Red.

Retro Horror Movies Warrington

Meet Mr Red of Retro Horror Movies in Warrington

Can you tell my readers about Retro Horror Movies Warrington and why you started it?

Well we a are Warrington based club that focuses on all horror movies from the 80s and 90s. We run competitions, trailers, news, pics and videos on the page as well as show retro horror titles on the BIG SCREEN. Scary, funny, spooky and just some that are that bad they are great!!!

Classic Horror at the Local Cinema

I am Mr. Red, the club’s host. I was sat at home watching Critters back in April and really enjoyed it 30 years on! I thought to myself ‘why doesn’t the Odeon show these screenings as they would get people back into the cinema again’? It dawned on me like 3 red horns peering down saying, ‘YOU WILL EDUCATE PEOPLE ON 80’S HORROR’.

I created the Facebook page RETRO HORROR MOVIES WARRINGTON the very next day and within minutes I had people liking it! I was shocked!

I want people to feel like they did back in their youth in 1985 etc remembering how good a sleep over was especially if some one had brought some f**ked up 18 rated scary film! You all sat and watched it. No phones or iPad and all that. Just you and your mates, together, watching something you shouldn’t be and having a blast. That’s the emotion I want to give people back in my screenings. Its not just about the film itself, it’s about the memories attached to them!

You remind me a lot of Dr Terror who hosted the classic horror double bill on BBC2 years ago. Is Mr Red related and what are his preferences for horror, is it ghosts, slasher, vampires etc?

Mr Red of Retro Horror Movies WarringtonHaha no relation no!

The idea of Mr.Red came after buying a red devil latex mask and needing a logo or branding for the club despite it not being a business. I had the Mr.Red logo created and kept with it. I find if you have a host character or entity instead of just some dude from Warrington watching horrors you get a better response and I have. I kind of relate it to Tales From The Crypt and got the host idea from that too. I think straight forward old school slashers like Halloween and Friday 13th are my favourites just because of the memories I have watching them with my twin brother during the 80s and 90s….good times! I do like Monster movies too though!

If you were to host a double bill, what two films would you host and why?

Ok so this would hands down have to go to the original Halloween 1 and Halloween 2 just because they were the best, they continue straight after events of the first so ideal for a double bill too! They were so simple and that’s what made Michael scary in those films. You don’t need to know all the psych behind him…he’s just f**ked up and wants to kill and that my friends is all you need in an 80s horror…one scary mother f**ker like Michaeal Myers. He scared me for decades!

I agree about Michael Myers being scary, but for me, Mr Barlow of Salem’s Lot is my scary mother f**ker!  Have you seen him?

No I haven’t, but I keep on meaning to.

Do you have any plans to screen future double bills in Warrington and surrounding areas?

We haven’t done a double bill yet, but the above is on the cards maybe for February ay! How is that?

I’d like to show ALLIGATOR 1 & 2. Such great monster movies, but less of a big title so films like that I always take a gamble on. I would put it to the fans though first let them decide.

Before my time and probably before yours, I heard that when they first showed The Exorcist on the large screen, viewers were fainting due to the horror. What would be your worst nightmare when screening a film and why?

My worst nightmare while screening a film is waiting for it to roll and when it did it was American Pie or sum s**t like that!

I would faint then! Trust me!

No seriously, I’m a very organised person so if the wrong film came on or there were issues with seating or the title itself I wouldn’t be best pleased, as I put a lot of effort into making all this happen. Or boisterous drunken people ruining it for others.

I don’t watch much modern horror these days as I think that most new films are overloaded with too much CGI and horrific torture scenes for the fans who love blood and gore. Each to their own, but I really miss the films of long ago when the musical score, the acting, the script and genius of cinematography were key to making a great horror. Take for example the 1922 version of Nosferatu with Count Orlock’s shadow creeping up the staircase and the films of Universal Horror and Hammer Horror. What are your thoughts and name your favourite non CGI horror film?

I’m totally with you there! I stated this same thing last week to the Warrington Guardian when they interviewed me too. It has to be The Fly for me and American Werewolf in London. Both such great practical effects! You cant forget that transformation scene in Werewolf and all the slime and effects needed for each stage of The Fly transformation over time was incredible. They didn’t need CGI then why do we need it now? It just doesn’t look “real” enough. You want to see something that looks like you can reach out and touch it….just watch the latest Mummy film…WHY!!!

What are your future plans?

Not too sure really.

I’m definitely going to continue doing exactly what I’m doing now and mid 2018 kind of decide what direction to take the club in. Could be a premise of our own or could be bigger out door screenings who knows, but I wont ruin the club atmosphere we have at the moment to create a money making business. Things are good for now and we like it this way. Time will tell.

Although you’re based in Warrington and showing films on the large screen locally, do you offer anything for fans of horror movies from across the world?

Not really no. I wanted to create this for local people in our community and do something for us. I think some times the local communities and people around us are forgotten about in the bigger picture and plan, so I’m just keeping it real in Warrington for now.

How can people get in touch with you?

Well if they Like our facebook page and Follow us they will then be able to add visitor posts on there. In addition just get on the page and directly inbox Mr.Red ie. me. I ALWAYS have time to answer questions about anything relating to our page.

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