What is Classic Horror?

You might have read that my Gothic horror photography and jewellery is inspired by my love of Classic Horror, but what is my definition of classic horror?

Amanda’s Definition of Classic Horror

Simply put….

A chilling and thought provoking tale that could be true, brought to life by powerful music, excellent lighting effects, great acting and directing, with no CGI and no GORE.

Classic Horror Campaign

It worries me when Hollywood and other studios decide to remake a classic.  Leave them alone and be original!

I don’t want to see a modern day version of a good classic horror movie souped up with a lot of CGI and 3D technology.

You don’t need to see a lot of violence to be scared silly either.  In the good old days of Universal Horror, they relied on very talented artists to build dramatic sets, technicians who provided dramatic lighting effects to cast eerie long shadows, creative musicians who provided a chilling score that would build with the tension and memorable actors who had a passion for their genre, like for example Vincent Price, Lon Chaney etc..

These classics are timeless and should never be forgotten.  This is why I fully support the late (RIP) Richard Gladman’s, Classic Horror Campaign.

Richard Gladman Portrait

Richard Gladman sadly passed away on the 7th February 2016.  He was kind hearted, generous and would help anyone to achieve their potential.  He had such a passion for the industry and is very much missed.  The picture above was taken at the Camden Film Fair in 2014 and I had planned my trip around this event, just so that I could catch up with him in person.

I highly recommend that if you’re a fan of classic horror, please honour Richard’s legacy by signing his petition to bring back classic horror to the BBC.  Sign it here!

Below is a list of some of my favourite classic horror films and please feel free to tell me about yours.


Halloween MovieJohn Carpenter’s 1978 film starring Donald Pleasence and Jamie Curtis is one film that scared me simply because, Carpenter created a monster called Michael that would never die.  What was Michael hiding behind that mask of his?

It’s an all time classic horror as the music was spooky and eerie and you can’t tell me that you never jumped once when feeling compassion for Jamie’s character, hoping that she will survive.  The original version of Halloween is a classic and I would be extremely disappointed if future generations only saw the remakes.

The Exorcist


Absolutely shocking and damn right scary for its time.  Head spinning, green puke, scary eyes and OMG that voice that you will never forget!

When my daughter, Kerry was 19 years old, I told her to watch The Exorcist as I thought it would terrify her.  Her response was that all of her friends laughed at how ridiculous it was and that it wasn’t scary.  OMG!  Seriously, what does this say about today’s movies?  Do modern movie goers have to see terrifying gory scenes full of blood and gore to get them scared?



Awwwww, what a cute little puppy….

Is something you won’t say during this film.

The little boy in this film made it for me.  Remember when he was having that asthma attack and they’re trapped in the car by the rabid St Bernard that’s drooling down the windscreen just waiting to rip them to shreds? Click here for previous post titled ‘Horror No Go Zone’ for a video clip.

Salem’s Lot

Salem's Lot Moon

You’ll enjoy Mr Barlow and he will enjoy you

I’ve wrote so much about this vampire movie made for television that I’m simply going to list the posts that feature Salem’s Lot.

 The Legend of Hell House

hell house

Again, the music, the settings and that horrid black cat really make this movie an all time classic horror.

So, it’s now up to you to share your favourite classic horror movie and why.



  1. so glad some people still dig the old flicks and hold back from the embrace of cgi and such

  2. There are so, so many… The Haunting, The Thing, The Fog, Carnival of Souls, Prince of Darkness, Serpent & the Rainbow, Phantasm, Last Man on Earth, Night of the Demon, Cat People, I walked with a Zombie, Island of Lost Souls, all the Universal classics, the Hammer classics, Fright Night, Suspiria, Messiah of Evil, Black Christmas… I could go on for a half hour listing my favorite horror films that are still just as good today.

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