What is FEAR?

‘a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid’ (dictionary.com)

What does FEAR mean to you?

Is it a genuine fear from phobias or frightening encounters with people or things of the unknown?

Some of us come across truly terrifying individuals in real life that will hurt or even kill us. This type of fear, mainly psychological is truly terrifying as you’re living each day not knowing what will happen next. Each move or decision you make could be your last and this could be down to no fault of your own. For a short period of my childhood, I experienced fear of this kind on a daily basis. I had to grow up fast to survive. I’m not going to go too much into my own experience of this, but it was a long time ago and although it plays on my mind now and again, it’s waned as the years have gone by.

Does fear excite you or does it terrify you?

Witch Portrait

Amanda Norman’s Witch Portrait

Fear to some extent can provide us with an adrenaline rush especially if we are fans of horror movies and horror entertainment in general.  Even some of my photography has provoked a sense of dread in some, especially those who pose for a dark portrait and I reveal their inner demon.  I produced a photograph of my sister once and well, I’m forbidden to ever show it and she just can’t bring herself to look at it.  The photograph to your right is a portrait of my friend ‘Mandy’ and is titled ‘The Witch’.  This particular photograph has the chill factor for some.

Fear and terrifying experiences can shape our adult lives and can certainly influence our creativity.

I conducted an interview recently with Drew Daywalt who is a member of Fewdio who create short horror films that create nightmares.  Below is his experience of living in a haunted house when he was a child.  To read the full interview with Drew, please click here.

As a director, cinematographer, producer and lots more, what is it about horror that attracts you so much?

I think, like a lot of horror film makers, and fans for that matter, there is definite catharsis to it.

As a member of the audience, I love the thrill of a good scare.

I grew up in a 160 year old inn in Hudson Ohio that was chock-full of scary places, cold spots, bad rooms and alien noises (mostly in the basement).  I’m the youngest of 6 and my parents bought the 7 bedroom behemoth when it was abandoned and in a state of almost complete ruin.  Everyone in town thought they were crazy, but they needed a cheap home for their huge family, so they moved in and started fixing it up.

What followed were great times, but also some terrifying experiences – one afternoon there was a blood curdling scream that shook us all up, but no one was ever able to explain… then there was the inexplicable cold spots in the back staircase to the servants’ quarters. (We didn’t have servants – we used the rooms as some of our bedrooms). There was also a VERY CREEPY well from 100 years ago in the woods behind our house.  My parents always warned us not to go near it, for obvious reasons, but all us kids were convinced it was haunted. (When THE RING came out, I was like, THERE’S OUR WELL!)

I loved horror films as a kid – everything from the old James Whale & Todd Browning Universal Monster movies to Jacques Tournier’s Night of the Demon, all the way through Jack Arnold, William Castle, Hammer Horror and eventually John Carpenter. While the other kids were worshiping sports heros, I loved Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price.

‘Fear = Sudden, horrifying news that you know in an instant will change your life forever. In life it’s positive test results. In fiction, it’s the thing making its way toward you while you’re alone and there’s NO way out…’ Drew Daywalt

As a treat I’ve included one of Drew’s latest short films titled Suicide Girl.

Click here for part two of my article were I will reveal more true life terrifying encounters as well as some of my Twitter followers most dreaded fears.


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