Vampires Versus Zombies

In my opinion, vampires are a far more versatile creature than the zombie, but what are your thoughts?

Vampires Always Win?

Errr no they don’t always win, but the good vampires do keep coming back with action that BITES.

Take for example Hammer Horror’s Dracula.  How many times did he return from the grave to seduce all those beautiful buxom women with his tantalising gaze?  How many times was he staked?

Lestat came back from the dead in ‘Interview with the Vampire’. Damn he was one sexy vampire!

What will the zombie race do when there are no human survivors left?

Zombies will make themselves extinct once there are no more brains left to consume.  They are not intelligent enough to figure out their own destruction.

Vampires Never Give Up

True, a zombie never gives up as it just keeps on stumbling forward with its chin hanging near the deck and drooling like a teething baby. Very charismatic, NOT!

Vampires don’t give up either.  They require the life-force of humanity to survive and note that I don’t mention blood to survive.  Vampires don’t rely on just one thing to survive like a zombie does.

Vampires Are Everywhere

All over the world vampires are stalking their prey whilst being intelligent enough to blend in with society.  You can’t tell if someone is a vampire or not, but you sure can tell when a foul mouthed rotting corpse is staggering in your direction.

Vampires are intelligent enough to know that there is no future for survival in turning every human into a vampire.  Vampires are predatory creatures and like to be selective with their prey.

Vampires Are Individuals

Vampires are most definitely individuals just like the human race.  Zombies look different, but their personalities are the same.

Vampires Are Inherently Funny

Zombies win hands down due to their hilarious antics.  I love watching a mass zombie shuffle prior to some walking into a situation where they ultimately die in a stupid way.

If I want a laugh, I’ll watch a zombie movie.  If I want to be terrified or mesmerised, I’ll watch a vampire movie.

Vampires Are Gruesome

Mr Barlow from Salem's Lot

Most terrifying vampire

Both vampires and zombies are gruesome in their own ways.

Vampires are cunning creatures and their mental torturous techniques are pretty gruesome.  Vampires are responsible for haunting people and sending them crazy.  Look at poor Renfield for example!

Not all vampires resemble Human Beings, take Mr Barlow for example from Salem’s Lot.  I know that I’d rather face a stupid rotting zombie than face the hideous blue face of Barlow with those yellow eyes.  Can you imagine that creature hissing in your face prior to slashing your throat?

I’d rather be a vampire than a zombie any day!  WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Vampire and Crucifix

Vampire portrait by Amanda Norman

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