Why VAMPIRES Inspire My Work

You may have noticed by now, that I’m a HUGE fan of the vampire, which inspires a lot of my photography and jewellery work, but you maybe asking yourself why?

Vampire Amanda Norman Selfie

First Introduction to Vampires

I certainly remember the vampires of Salem’s Lot and Hammer Horror, but I think my very first introduction to a vampire was watching Morticia from the Addams Family and Lily Munster from The Munsters. Lily Munster While Morticia had the edge over Lily for being darker, Lily Munster was beautiful and endearing.  I preferred watching The Munsters due to the characters and Lily had all of the fascinating qualities that I admire.  She was born in 1827 to Sam Dracula and lived in the land of the forest, Transylvania prior to meeting Herman.  Childhood was a happy time when The Munsters were on the TV.

Hammer Horror Vampires

As a young teenager, my perspective of vampires changed when I stayed up late to watch Hammer Horror.  These vampires, including Christopher Lee as Dracula were damned sexy, but totally forbidden.  Their hypnotic gaze and dominating presence commanded your will and if you were lucky, you would get to live out their lifestyle for an eternity unless you were unfortunate enough to come across Mr Van Helsing and his merry men and get be-headed.

A vampire could seduce almost anyone they lusted for and I was hooked.  The vampiric world that Hammer Horror created with the help of course from novels written from the likes of Bram Stoker and Sheridan Le Fanu, were totally enthralling.  I was mesmerised with the Gothic scenery, mist filled and overgrown graveyards that were old and full of mystery.  I still have visions of a lost demented soul, floating through the graveyard to return to her lair with her flimsy see through gown floating behind her.  I always wanted the vampire to survive and of course I was caught up in the fantasy of wanting to become one.

Yutte Stensgaard as CarmillaMy favourite vampire character that Hammer Horror brought to life is Carmilla created by Sheridan Le Fanu.

Hammer Horror created three films based on Carmilla, but my favourite was the second film titled Lust for a Vampire that was made in the year that I was born, 1971.  This film was certainly an eye opener to a then very impressionable teenager.  I was still a virgin, but I remember wondering if all girls go cross eyed when making love?

You might laugh, but I’d never even considered that a woman could make out with another woman until I watched this film, and this was in the days when I never knew Freddie Mercury was gay.  I must have been so naive.

For those of you who may be wondering what the Hell am I on about, I’ve found the clip on You Tube for you to enjoy.

Mr Barlow Salem's Lot

Sadly, my fantasy world of vampires was rudely awakened with the onslaught of Mr Barlow.

You’ll enjoy Mr Barlow and he’ll enjoy you!

I don’t bloody think so!

Mr Barlow, the hissing bold headed, yellow eyed monster is still THE scariest vampire I’ve ever seen.  Him and Mr Straker played by James Mason totally shattered my vampire fantasy.  Vampires are afraid of the crucifix, but oh no, not Mr Barlow.  He just crushes them with his hand and nothing stops him.  If you see a black mass on the floor, suddenly appear and start growing, don’t just stand there and gawp in amazement.  Blood run for it!

To read more about my thoughts of Mr Barlow, click here.


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